Qualifying took place on Friday afternoon, and although Dawie Joubert put his Lotus Honda Exige on pole he developed an overheating problem in Race 1 and retired after 2 Laps.  This left the Race wide open for Colin Plit.

Colin’s comments: “Analysis of race data and comparisons with other drivers highlighted a few key areas for improvement. I put theory into practice and knocked a second off my best time in the practice session on Friday. Qualified 2nd behind Dawie with a 1:14.35 and won the first race after Dawie retired (best lap 1:14.22).

Started Pole for race 2 and got “eaten up” by Nicholas in his Nissan GTR, who beat me to turn 1. Gary Kieswetter followed him and jumped in at turn 2.

I managed to take Nicholas in turn 2 as he ran wide and then chased and caught Gary in turn 1 on the next lap. Won race 2 as well as well as overall”

Behind Colin the two Class B Cars of Gary Kieswetter (Porsche GT3 RS) and Nick Cunningham-Moorat (Nissan R35 GTR) were 2nd and 3rd overall.

Nick’s comments: “I went out to qualify with some untested settings on the new wing and managed a respectable time in the 17’s. this placed me forth on the grid with Colin in front of me and Gary next to me. As a newcomer to Class B is was hoping to break into the 16’s during the race, but this was not to be.

With Martin not pressing me from behind and Gary a good clip ahead I decided to back of and save the brakes as the problems we had had in practice and qualifying were simply getting worse.

2nd race saw me once again in position 4 on the grid. This time Dawie was in front of me. He started leaking water and ducked into the pits leaving batgirl with nothing but clean air in front of her. I watched the start lights, the line and Colin like a hawk and caught Colin fast asleep on the rolling launch. I shot around him and was chuckling to myself so much that I made a complete hash of corner 1. Going into corner two the brake issues of the day re-appeared and seemed to be getting progressively worse and I decided to move over for the faster Gary (who had also gone around Colin at the start) and Colin. As we exited corner 5 of the first lap I saw Martin fall off the pace and I was very happy to spend the rest of the race nursing the brakes and bringing her home in 3rd place overall and 2nd in class B.

Post-race inspection found some significant damage to the brakes and tons of work before the next race.”

Clinton Thorne’s Toyota Birkin was mysteriously down on power and he retired after 1 Lap. “Basically, I now understand how Fernando Alonso feels. I was very fast in the corners but Louis was pulling away from me on the straights. That has not happened since God was a boy”.

Martin Pugh (Shelby Can Am) was the Star of Class C, as he gets to grips with the new Car and was some 2 seconds quicker than Sandro Biccari’s Nardini in qualifying.

Martin Pugh’s comments: “Qually put me 200th of a second slower than Nic so I really thought I had a chance to get in front of him and make space before he was able to use the Power of the Nissan on the back straight, didn’t work, I made a shocker and was left way behind, so it was going to be a battle.

Going into the 3rd lap I was getting closer when my hand caught the quick release on my safety harness and out they popped. I spent the rest of the race behind Nic and trying to pull my belts into the car so the marshals wouldn’t see, they did and descended on me at post race with a vengeance.

I must say they were all very reasonable about it and insisted on checking the belts before race 2. We did fix the problem however between races”

“Unfortunately, in race two I had to pull off on lap 3 when the Shelby ran out of electricity, but not before watching Nic drive around first Gary and then Colin to hit the front before corner two, but well then, he ran out of talent, ran wide and let them both through. With my power fluctuating I dropped back to Maarten Prins and for a lap or two we ran nose to tail, centimetres apart, great driving Maarten, it really is a pleasure racing you”

Maarten Prins (Porsche Cup 3.6L) had a poor qualifying and was placed behind Louis de Jager’s Lola T212 for Race 1 grid.   However, the quicker Porsche got by the Lola on Lap 2 and went after the Shelby, but had to settle for 2nd in Class C, with the Lola taking 3rd Place.   In Class D Arno Church (Lotus 7 Ford) was quickest in Qualifying ahead of Philip Booysen’s Lotus Exige but the Exige got the jump on the Lotus on Lap 1.   Arno fought back, took the Exige on Lap 5 and held this position to Race end, beating Philip by 1.6 seconds at Flag.

They were followed by Paul Schwartz (GT 40), Scois Joubert (Ariel Atom 2.4L), Cyril Ginsburg (Porsche GT3 RS), Ray Farnham (Opel Birkin 7) and Hennie Trollip (Lotus Replica 7).

Arno’s comments: “Qualified well on Friday, best in class D and 10th overall.

Started Race 1 behind Maartin Prins, who has a bit careful on inside through turn 1, letting Phillip get away from me. End of lap 1 was about 50 meters behind Philip, but caught up and passed him on lap 4. Managed a 1,5-sec lead till the end, winning Class D”

“2nd Race, much the same, again behind Maartin, this time on the outside and again Philip got away, but as in race 1, caught him and got past, then pulled out a gap of 11 secs at the end.

Won class D and a 6th overall for the day – thanks to some bad luck to a few cars up front “

Overall Class Winners for the day:

  • Class A:   Colin Plit
  • Class B:   Gary Kieswetter
  • Class C:   Maarten Prins
  • Class D:   Arno Church

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